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The immigration department of Vietnam permits foreign tourists to arrive at Vietnam with a visa along with the passport that has the validity for 6 months. It is the grant that is demanded by the government of Vietnam. The visa is checked and approved by the government as well as the Immigration department which should hold good for 1 month visa of single visit or multiple visits and a 3 month visa of the same variant.
All the travelers should carry a visa along with them with an exception of certain citizens from the countries as mentioned:
 - Cuba, Romania, North Korea and Bulgaria.
 - Malaysia and Thailand with an exempted period of 30 days.
 - Philippines with an exempted period of 21 days.
 - Departure within 72 hours for the transit passengers but they must have a return ticket.
There are different kinds of visas which are needed by those who travel to Vietnam for specific purpose. Either you can be a traveler, a businessman or a diplomat. The conditions of each vary which are as follows:-

1. Traveller’s visa - also called as the tourist visa is granted for a maximum period of 90 days. You need to get hold of the form for application of visa from the authenticated website of the embassy whereby you will need to give the passport, application form in completion, return envelope that should be prepaid and a money order.

2. Business visa - if you are arriving for work in Vietnam you need to have a business visa with the validity of six months on a multiple visit. The documents which are required are same as the traveller’s visa but you also need to have an approval form of business. It is the sponsor’s work to get the form for you.

3. Diplomatic visa - also called as the official visa is an important category and those who hold the passport of the prescribed type will be given the visa without any cost. You need to have a note verbale from the international organization.

Visa extension for Vietnam
Earlier the prescribed notion was to extend the date of the visa within the parameters of the Vietnamese border but of late you cannot apply for the extension of visa within the given parameters. You have to go the Vietnam embassy and apply. To be on the safe side take a 90 day visa approval date before you apply for the visa. Visa-free access may grant you travel through Vietnam might not be able to do it again since the elapse of 30 days. The rules of visa application as well as extension are strict but it is do with law order as the government is trying their level best to crackdown on the backpackers and those who are accused of drug propagation as well as prostitution. Any non- Vietnamese have to go through the strict procedure. It is to do with keeping a track of the foreigners so that they have to go through border checks and also to disband cheap labor and infiltration of money to other country through its propagation.

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