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How to Get your Vietnam visa for Hong Kong

Citizens of HongKong need a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong in order to enter Vietnam. There are two options to apply for Vietnam visa for Hong Kong: at the  Vietnam embassy in HongKong or apply visa arrival through VOA website

To apply visa at the embassy, you need:
   +  A valid passport that you acquired more than six months prior to your visa application date
   + Two passport photos which you took within the last six months dating back from your present date.

Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, China
15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China.
Phone : (852) 2591 4517 or 2591 4510
Fax : (852) 2591 4524 or 2591 4539
Email : vnconsul@netvigator.com
Website : www.vietnamconsulate-hongkong.org
Website : www.vietnam-embassy.ch

Vietnam visa on arrival is often preferred for its convenience, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable to those travelling to Vietnam by air only.

 - You will need to visit VOA website and fill in your application form online.
 - Pay the visa service fee
 - Wait for the letter of approval from us by email in about 48 working hours.
 - Print the letter of approval as it will be used to as your temporal identification document when boarding a plane to Vietnam and finally when claiming your Vietnam visa for HongKong upon reaching the international airport of Vietnam by air. 
- Once arrived at any of the three Vietnam international airports (Tan Son Nhat, NoiBai or Da Nang), present your letter of approval at the ‘Visa on Arrival’ Office at the Vietnam embassy. - Pay the visa service fees to have your visa stamped in your passport and handed to you immediately.

 The fee of Vietnam visa arrival for HongKong

Visa Type Service fee Stamp fee
1 month single entry 5 USD 25 USD
1 month multiple entry 7 USD 50 USD
3 months single entry 15 USD 25 USD
3 months multiple entry 20 USD 50 USD

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong citizens

Many Hong Kong tourists and businessmen wondered if they need a visa to Vietnam or not. Here you can find the right answer for Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong citizens going to travel Vietnam in 2014.

Vietnam immigration policies regulated that almost resident of the countries must have Vietnam visa prior to arriving Vietnam, except the citizens of Vietnam visa exempted countries. You should check carefully if you are in the Vietnam visa exemption list or you are obligated to make a Vietnam visa (or visa approval letter) before entering country. It will keep you away from many troubles during your entry.

Is Vietnam visa required for Hong Kong citizens?

"Yes, Hong Kong citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam"

Visa is one of the many things for which Hong Kong citizens need to prepare before traveling to Vietnam.

From Hong Kong, the applicants may apply for Vietnam visa by 2 options:
Getting a visa on arrival within 2 working days or just 1 or 2 hours by applying visa online. It is beneficial for those who are travelling Vietnam by air and living in the country where the local Vietnam Embassy is too far to reach. See more how it works.

When applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, there is NO document and original passport required. The applicants just need to provide the visa information by filling in the online application form with full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. A letter of approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be delivered via email at a given time.

Getting a Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Hong Kong and it takes 3 - 5 working days
 Required documents for Vietnam Embassy visa application include original passport, application form attached with 1 photo and visa fees.

Speaking on Vietnam Immigration

Vietnam Immigration can be defined as the official body of Vietnam government entrusted with the responsibility of visa requirements for the foreign nationals coming to Vietnam. According to the declaration of Vietnam Immigration, almost every foreigner landing up at Vietnam should complete the visa formalities to ensure a legit stay in the country - for a set period of time. All the Embassies & Consulates abroad are required checking with Vietnam Immigration Department prior to issuing or approving visa to Vietnam or other pertinent documents. VID (Vietnam Immigration Department) is significant functional bureau acting under Vietnam Ministry of Public Security. The power & functions of VID concentrate on approving, disciplining or supervising Vietnamese citizens & foreign nationals’ immigration as well as migration to & from Vietnam.

VID functions
Vietnam Immigration Department functions through 3 major offices located at South, Center and North Vietnam. VID is endowed with the responsibility of the following-
 - For the domestic Vietnamese citizens - issuance of identity card, passport & residence permit in other countries.
 - For Vietnamese citizen’s overseas & foreign nationals - issuance of Vietnam visa, visa extension, visa renewal, visa approval letter, visa approval code, Vietnamese residence card & guarantee for migration to Vietnam.

VID is open from Monday to Friday, working from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The new rule
Initially, the Vietnam Immigration Department had scheduled 4 categories of immigration for foreign nationals looking to take a trip to Vietnam. But from the early quarter of 2015, Vietnam Immigration Department has issued a new declaration which has enhanced number of the immigration classifications from 4 general categories to 20 specific Vietnam visa classifications. Under the new structure, foreigners taking to Vietnam can apply for Vietnam visa on the basis on intended purpose of travel or occupation- like journalists, lawyers and investors. Each of the visa classifications carry its own duration (maximum) period that ranges from thirty days to 5 years.

How to obtain Vietnam visa from VID?
As mentioned earlier, almost all the foreign nationals travelling to Vietnam should get their visa approval from Vietnam Immigration Department. There are two steps to attain Vietnam Immigration backed Vietnam visa. One is straight from Vietnam Embassy physically and another is through online.

Directly from Vietnam Embassy
You would have to find out the nearest Vietnam Embassy outlet in your country and travel their physically to apply and get the Vietnam visa approved. This process is viable, regardless of your means of travel to Vietnam. You have to get the Vietnam visa approval code from VID to attain the visa directly from Vietnam Embassy.

The online way
You will find online Vietnam visa companies to help you with the internet service which is also called- Vietnam visa on Arrival. It is applicable exclusively for travelers on flight to Vietnam. In this case, you can conduct the whole process online, starting from visa application, service fee payment and receipt of Vietnam Immigration accredited approval letter. You should carry the letter with you to Vietnam international airport where the Immigration officials would stamp the visa for you.

Vietnam visa

Tips To Get Visa for Vietnam

Vietnam lies in the Southeast region surrounded by many neighboring countries. Neighboring countries do like to visit Vietnam but even they require a visa but with the growing of age even Vietnam has started with the policy of granting access to nationals of 16 countries without the requirement of visa at different periods of time. If you think that you can get a cheap and easy access to the visa of Vietnam from the embassy at States you are slightly mistaken since getting it from a neighboring country is far more advantageous than the rest. To know about the facts and some healthy tips regarding Vietnam have a quick glance at the following:

 - Popular destination for getting Vietnamese visa - Bangkok, Thailand is the place where you will find Vietnamese embassy and it is particularly good for the travellers.
 - Myth about U.S. - if you are not a national of the Southeast region and think that you can get the visa for Vietnam from U.S is actually a myth. Be it any country but it should have the Vietnamese agency to garner you visa.
 - Note for embassies - take note of the fact that not all embassies have the same rules and regulations.  Henceforth, if you get a visa for long term from the consulate of U.S you might not be able to fetch the same from elsewhere.
 - Neighboring country embassy - there are a few embassies in the Southeast region itself which allows a two week permit visa to Vietnam unlike the long term visa duration by the States.
 - Prices vary - Jason D, from the center of Vietnam visa states that prices to get visa for Vietnam varies from embassy to embassy.
The travelling period also has certain norms in Vietnam which will be fruitful when you apply for visa:

The process of application
The process of application should not start in the beginning rather the time frame should be set when you are about to leave so that the process of visa is eased. You need to mention the dates of your arrival as well as departure which should be mentioned accurately. To cause any amount of delay do begin the process when everything is finalized. But you should also keep in mind that the embassy should get optimum time to process your visa.

Going to the embassy
Take note that the embassies of Vietnam are closed on holidays so there is no point in going to the embassy. You will be given a form where you have to mention about the entry and the exit along with which a copy in yellow will be with you for safety which is necessary to be presented with the passport.

Landing and departing
When you depart Vietnam make sure that your visa is attached to the passport when you are travelling by land. The officials at the cross border cross check the visas and in the process remove the documents which are at the end so do not put the visa loosely. The visa is placed perfectly via the travelling agency.

Vietnam visa

A Few Words on Vietnam Visa

Are you on plans to travel to Vietnam soon? Well, it could be that you have a new client or it could be that you are into a lovely South-East Asian holiday mood this time. Now, whatever be the reason behind your trip to Vietnam, you must be ready with the visa formalities. It’s to note here that Vietnam government has made the visa requirements mandatory for most of the foreign nationals traveling to Vietnam. The visa formality is necessary to assure a legitimate stay for the foreigners in Vietnam. You can apply for one-month visa or for 3 months as well, if you are planning an extended stay. Besides, you must have an active passport, valid for 6 months. The post below runs further details on Vietnam visa.

How to get Vietnam visa
First of all, it’s to note here that Vietnam visa is needed regardless of your means of travel to the country. There are basically two ways to get your Vietnam visa. One is the conventional route of attaining visa directly from Vietnam Embassy. Another route is the online way to attain the Vietnam visa.

Directly from Vietnam Embassy
In this case you would have to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy office to apply and receive your Vietnam visa. It is a time consuming and elaborate process- hence you should plan early. You can browse the internet to know about the Vietnam Embassy office close to your location. The conventional route to attain Vietnam visa is available for any foreign national going to Vietnam- regardless of the means of travel.

The Online route to get visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam
When you go for the online route, there is no need to travel physically to the Vietnam Embassy office. There are online Vietnam visa companies to assist you here, enabling you to carry the process from home only. The whole process would be conducted online- be it visa application or payment submission or receipt of Vietnam visa approval letter. This is also called Vietnam visa on arrival facility as you will have your visa stamped when you reach the Vietnam international airport. However, it’s to note here that the online Vietnam visa on arrival facility is exclusively meant for travelers flying to Vietnam. The visa approval letter, accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department, would be sent to your email. You would need to take a print out of it and carry it to the Vietnam airport.

Vietnam visa exemption
It’s to note here that Vietnam government has exempted some countries from visa formalities for a certain period of time-
 - Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Laos- 30 days maximum
 - Philippines- maximum 21 days
 - Myanmar & Brunei- maximum 14 days
 - Japan, Russia, Finland, South Korea, Norway, Sweden- 15 days maximum
 - APEC  ABTC candidates- maximum 60 days
 - Besides, from 2014, nationals from Australia, India, France, UK & Germany have also been exempted from Vietnam visa formalities by the Vietnam government. This particular facility is meant for the government officers with the diplomat passport who would be on official trip to the country.

Vietnam visa

One month single

(stamp fee: 25 USD)
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